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Durex Wholesaler

A wide range of male condoms of various types: classic, sensitive, extra strong, extra lubricated with flavors (banana, chocolate and strawberry), color, etc.. Also accessories vibrators, there stimulators rings for men and women.

condoms Durex

Durex condoms lead the global market, with experience in making condoms more than 75 years.

lubricants Durex

Durex Play lubricants not only lubricate, but it also provides a warming effect, tingling sensations and maximize.

stimulants Durex

Try them and see how you'll want one for yourself and your partner.Make the number 1 condom either so stimulating!

Cajas Durex 144 Preservativos
Bulk Durex

Format savings, cheaper. Now your brand Durex condoms in boxes of 144 units.

Durex 144